Nippers is NOT a learn to swim program

If your child is NOT ready to pass these pool and beach evaluations to be able to participate in Junior Activities, please consider enrolling them in a swim school instead to improve their swimming skills and fitness.

Pool Evaluations

To participate in any Junior Activities program, children must pass a pool evaluation for their age group. Under 9s and up must also pass a beach evaluation. Junior members wanting to compete at carnivals must also pass a competition evaluation.

Age groups are decided by the child’s age as of 30 September e.g. a child who is 8 years old will be eligible for the U9 age group.

Beach Evaluations

Children joining the U8 – U14 age groups, who pass their pool evaluation, are also required to pass a Beach Evaluation, which involves a deep wade for U8s and open water swim for U9s-U14s:
  • U8 – 25m Run/25m Wade/25m Run
  • U9 & U10 – 50m Run/50m Swim/50m Run
  • U11 & U12 – 50m Run/100m Swim/50m Run
  • U13 & U14 – 100m Run/100m Swim/100m Run
The pool and beach evaluations are for your child’s safety and we take them seriously, especially for U9s to U14s who will train in open water where they can encounter surf conditions such as waves, rips, sweeps, etc.