Water Safety personnel play an integral role in the Junior Activities Surf Education Program. Without them, participants could not enter the water. The role of the Water Safety is to look out for Nipper’s welfare, support and encourage them while in the water and should anything happen to them, be there to perform a rescue or to administer first aid.

Who can be Water Safety

Water Safety is a fun and rewarding activity for members who are least 13 years old. It’s especially popular with parents of Nippers, and teenagers who have graduated from the Nippers program.

How to join Water Safety

To join Water Safety, you must hold a Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion. The club holds training courses throughout the season. Members are eligible to sign up for any courses at no cost. Courses will be advertised closer to the dates.

Water Safety FAQs

The 2020/21 season will commence on Sunday 13th September. Water Safety are also required for the pool proficiencies (the two weekends leading up to 13th September. The Water Safety Co-ordinator will organise a roster for proficiencies. The season ends 14th March 2021 (all this is COVID 19 dependent)

Water Safety are required for a briefing with Age Managers and Junior Activities staff at 8am each Nipper Sunday. We are also required to provide water safety for any carnivals our nippers attend. The water safety co-ordinator will organise these commitments.

Nippers will only be cancelled in the event of severe weather – it is rare for nippers to be cancelled. Conditions may call for cancellation of water activities however beach activities and Surf Education may still be on.

All members can participate in courses run by the club for free.

There is a minimum ratio of Water Safety personnel to Nippers at Redcliffe of 10:1 This ratio may be increased by the Water Safety Coordinator if, after completing their risk assessment, they feel the conditions warrant it. No water activity is allowed unless there is sufficient water safety personnel.