Dedicated lifesavers can apply to join the specialised Operations Support service.

Rescue Water Craft (RWC) Operator

The Rescue Water Craft Operator or RWC (jet ski) service works closely with on-beach lifesavers to conduct roving patrols, surveillance and rescue missions along the coastline. RWC operators use their training and skills to manage and operate this vital piece of lifesaving equipment to watch over and protect beachgoers.

SurfCom Operator

SurfCom Operators play a key role behind the scenes, liaising with on-beach lifesavers and coordinating SLSQ’s response to coastal incidents, rescues and major first aid treatments in real time. SurfCom Operators provide an important link to emergency services and are responsible for liaising directly with police and ambulance officers when required. SurfCom Operators also take charge of monitoring activity along Queensland’s expansive coastline using state-of-the-art technology, including GPS tracking and SLSQ’s wide-reaching network of coastal surveillance cameras.

Duty Officer

Duty Officers provide vital support to surf life saving clubs and patrol captains each weekend, ensuring that services are rolled out effectively and efficiently across South East Queensland. Duty Officers are responsible for liaising with a wide range of key stakeholders including clubs, patrol captains & their patrol groups, emergency service organisations, SurfCom operators, individual members and media outlets to ensure that beach-goers are offered maximum protection and the best possible outcome is achieved for all parties.

Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service

SLSQ’s Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter Service is manned by both full-time and volunteer crewmembers. Helicopter crewmembers actively and regularly participate in helicopter patrols along South East Queensland’s coastline, monitoring for swimmers in distress and/or other incidents unfolding on the beach. All crewmembers are proficient in surf jump/static line and basic down-the-wire hoist operations. This ensures they play a key role in helicopter rescues, entering the water to directly assist swimmers in need.